Ethos and Values

At Colmers Farm Primary School, we want our pupils to be happy, safe and successful in becoming confident and independent learners.

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive community where everyone is made to feel welcome and valued.

We aim to:

  • Foster a sense of belonging, enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning within a supportive community.
  • Provide a broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, enabling opportunities for children to develop both essential skills as well as healthy attitudes towards learning.
  • Provide a safe, caring and happy environment where every child is valued regardless of race, religion, gender or disability.
  • Encourage awareness of the school as a community within the wider community we serve.
  • Maximise the partnership potential between home and school by valuing the contribution both make towards the development of our pupils.
  • Celebrate their achievements.
  • Encourage children to accept personal responsibility for their own behaviour and to be caring and sensitive towards the needs of others and the environment.

All staff, parents and children are expected to reflect the principles of our values at all times. These are:

Ready    Respectful    and    Safe

Our School Values.
Inspiring confident and independent learners.

British Values

All schools must now promote the fundamental British Values, which are:

  • Democracy
  • The Rule of Law
  • Individual Liberty
  • Mutual respect for and tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs, and for those without faith

As a school we promote our British Values through our daily collective worship, the curriculum, and SMSC within school. British Values are promoted by Colmers Farm Primary School accordingly:


  • Ensuring that the pupils develop the knowledge and understanding of our values Ready, Respectful and Safe. Giving the pupils opportunities to apply these, ie. visitors to school for curriculum focus weeks, trips, visits within our community.
  • The pupils elect and vote for their school council members, this enables pupils to see how their decisions can influence others.
  • Making choices that enable pupils to receive rewards, and see the benefits of positive, good choices.

The Rule of Law

  • We have made sure our school rules are simple and fair, Ready, Respectful and Safe. Pupils and staff all follow this and understand that we are all held accountable to these.
  • Class rules are created. At the beginning of an academic year every class create and agree on a set of ‘Good to be Green’ rules that enables the class to feel happy and secure within their daily learning environment.
  • Zone board supports the children to see right and wrong, and visually supports the consequences of our choices.
  • Through PSHE and RE pupils are taught the importance of law and why it is needed.
  • Our behaviour policy is linked to and supports the above and includes ‘Restorative chats’ with the pupils to enable good understanding about the process that has occurred involving behaviour choices.

Individual Liberty

  • All staff and parents work together to invest in the individual needs of our pupils to enable development and progress in self-awareness and self-confidence.
  • We encourage the pupils to take responsibility for their behaviour choices and their learning choices by making them aware of their rights and the repercussions our choices can have. This is embedded in our fair behaviour policy.
  • We encourage all pupils to have a voice during school council meetings and class council meetings. Pupils also have the opportunity to share their views on their learning and how they are taught through Pupil Voice discussions with a member of SLT on a termly basis.

Respect and Tolerance

  • We promote that there are no outsides at Colmers Farm, and that we should respect and appreciate our differences.
  • We teach our pupils to understand and respect their own beliefs and cultures, and those of others through our teaching of RE, PSHE, Geography, and our themed weeks.