Parents in School

A successful partnership with parents in key to a school's success.

At Colmers Farm Primary School we aim to begin this partnership from the moment you hear your child has been offered a place at our school, and sometimes even earlier during Open Days.

Teachers collect children from the playground at the start of each day, and this is an excellent opportunity to pass on messages, etc. Teachers also have their own direct email addresses through which they can be contacted. In addition we have more formal opportunities to come in to school.

Open Days

Prospective parents are invited to come and have a look around the school during annual Open Days during the Autumn Term. Sessions take place in the morning, afternoon and the evening.

If you are unable to attend an Open Day event, you are more than welcome to make an individual appointment at a time more convenient.

Parent Consultations

When your child starts school you will be offered regular parent consultation appointments to meet with the class teacher and to discuss progress. The first of these takes place in September and is a meet the teacher event.

A further meeting takes place later in the Autumn term when you will be given your child's End of Year target. We meet again in the Spring Term to discuss progress towards the target, and finally in the Summer term after the reports have been issued.

Termly opportunities to meet your child’s teacher continue throughout their time in school.

Book Looks

You will be invited into school each term to have a look at your child's work. This will take place after school and the class staff will be on hand for informal discussions.


You will receive a comprehensive report on your child's progress towards the end of the Summer Term.


Parents are invited into school for various workshops covering a variety of topics such as phonics, problem solving, crafts, puzzles, and healthy living.

Assemblies Each week we have a celebration assembly which parents are invited to. During the assembly we celebrate group and individual achievements, both in school and out of school. We present certificates for achievement and celebrate birthdays. We also have assemblies to highlight attention on specific events such as Black History Month, Remembrance Sunday and Christmas.

Prospective parents are also invited to Friday assembly to get a feel for the school. Please contact the school office if you would like to book in a visit.


Special Events

From time to time we have special events and shows which parents are invited to. This could be a celebration of a themed week, a National event celebration or an outside visitor.


Parents are kept up-to-date with events on our Newsletters which are also published on this website.

Parent Voice

From time to time we undertake parental surveys to understand your views about school. We report back on the survey in Newsletters, addressing any specific issues that have arisen.

Parents are also invited to complete an on-line questionnaire on the Ofsted website Parent View. We could encourage all parents to take part.

Family Support

We understand how hard bringing up children can be, especially when added pressure comes to bear. You would be surprised at the many different ways that we can support our families, so please do come and talk to us if you are finding things tough.

Our pastoral team includes a learning mentor, child counsellor and play therapist, all of whom work closely with families. The school nurse visits school fortnightly and parents can make an appointment or drop in.

We can provide practical help with school uniform as well as emotional and behavioural support. Even if we can't help you directly, we will always point you in the direction of someone who can. Everybody needs help at some point, so please ask.