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Cheryl Hood
01 May 2020

Hi huge well done to all staff the hello video it ace. Phoebe and Toby think their teachers are super cool and very funny (Mr Bowtell and Mr Adam's). They miss each and everyone of you all too. Take care and stay safe and thankyou for making us all smile.

Rating: Excellent

Andrea Burns
14 Apr 2019

I went to Colmers Farm Primary School over 60 years ago (I'm now 69!) when we moved to Rubery. I have fond memories if it . The head teacher at the time was Mr Ollerenshaw. From the photo on this website, it looks exactly the same!

Rating: Very Good

Lynda Carter (nee Giles)
05 Nov 2015

Just looked at your website, it is excellent. I wanted to share with you that I attended Colmers Farm School right from infants through to 5th form. I clearly remember my first visit to the school, which I guess would have been in 1954, I was born in 1950. My memory was, of the stairs that go up to the junior school, they looked huge. Also the classroom that I saw, Mrs Hedges was the teacher? who gave the tour. The classroom had a big (well it seemed big!) cupboard, she showed us it was where they kept spare knickers and handkerchiefs. I also remember the teacher smacking me for breaking a crayon. It obviously melted in my hot little hand. I was much too well behaved to do something like that intentionally. Lovely memories, we used to sit on the wall and 'swap beads' think I was in the juniors then. Thought my memories might be amusing to the adults. Kind regards.

Rating: Excellent

Sarah Wykes
05 Jul 2013

What a wonderful site! I hope one day I get to visit your school, it sounds lovely.

Rating: Excellent