Event - Reception's Pumpkin Fun

21 October 2010

After reading the story Pumpkin Soup by Helen Cooper Class RP decided to make some of our own! So off we went to Morrisons to choose our pumpkins. There were plenty to choose from. They were quite heavy to carry back to school too.

It was great fun scooping out all of the seeds with our fingers. Everybody helped to make the soup and it smelt great. We all tasted it, some of us loved it but some of us didn’t!

It didn’t end there though... the pumpkin shell was turned into a lantern for Halloween. We all posted our names into it. Can you remember who was the lucky winner of the pumpkin?


On the same day, Class RH also went to Morrisons to buy pumpkins...

We walked to Morrisons.
We picked our pumpkins...

...and paid for them at the checkout.
We hollowed one out...

...and played with the flesh.
Our finished lantern!