Event - Goodbye Mrs Archer

15 December 2011

In our final assembly on December 15th, we said goodbye to Mrs Bev Archer, who had been Headteacher at Colmers Farm for 10 years.

Each class made a card for her, which were presented by members of the class, and she received gifts from parents, staff and children. She was also presented with a testimonial from the local authority to commemorate her years in Birmingham as a teacher, Deputy Head, and Headteacher.

She chose not to have a lot of fuss, and just wanted a quiet send off, which is what she got! The staff did, however take her out for a meal where she had some more presents, and a fabulous retirement cake! As a parting gift to the school, she bought us a storm kettle for Forest School, and some fabulous role play outfits.

Everyone at Colmers Farm Infants wishes her well, and we hope she has a long and happy retirement!