Event - Mad Science Week

25 March 2013

March 25th 2013 was the launch of our whole school 'Mad Science' Week.

We started the day with a Mad Science show to which pre-school children and parents were invited. Crazy Kerry the scientist came in and showed us all kinds of science experiments that really got us thinking.

After the show the hall was transformed into a laboratory and each class had a chance to get some hands-on experience. The workshops further developed children's thinking skills as they tried to work out why things happen the way they do.

The rest of the week was filled with various science based activities, giving children a wonderful opportunity to solve challenges and develop inquiring minds.

The Mad Science Show.
We found out how sound travells through the air.

What was making the ball stay up in the air?
We used a leaf blower to cover Mrs Kelly in paper.

Looking closely.
Investigating magnets.

Experiments in the classroom.
Balloon and air experiments.

Experimenting with colours.
Electrical circuits.

Our 'Great Egg Drop' competition.
Did your egg survive the drop from the roof?