Event - Happy Puzzle Day

14 and 15 January 2013

On 14th and 15th January we welcomed the Happy Puzzle Company to school to kick start a whole school project on problem solving and challenge. One of our targets for this year was to develop children's ability to solve problems, to develop their thinking skills and to improve their performance by having the confidence to overcome difficulties in their work.

Each class enjoyed their own workshop during the day. Classes were split into teams to solve a wide range of 3-D puzzles and challenges. Members of each team needed to use not only their thinking skills, but their team skills as well. The children soon realised that they could overcome all sorts of difficulties by having a go and working together.

After school it was time for the parents to become children again and have a go at some of the games. The children by now were experts, and able to demonstrate what they had learnt, as well as solving some extra challenges as a family. It gave parents an interesting insight into how their children think and learn.

After school one of the trainers ran an Inset session for staff, providing an opportunity to climb inside the minds of our children to understand more about how they think and learn.

The two days were a great success and the whole school continued to learn through puzzles and challenges for the next few weeks. The project ended with classes running their own problem solving Inspire sessions for parents, but the lessons and skills learnt will stay with the children for much longer.

Working in teams.
Trying to find the solution together.

Solving puzzles in the classroom.
Parent 'Puzzles' Workshop.