Event - Cultural Week: Arts and Crafts Exhibition

8 to 12 July 2013

At the end of Cultural Week, we invited parents to school to find out what we had been learning about.

Each class made a short presentation which included pictures, masks, music, photos, paintings and descriptions. After assembly parents were invited to view the exhibition in the corridor. You can see some photos of the exhibition below.

Mexican Instruments by RC.
Carribean Flags by RP.

Carribean Fish by RP.
Japan by 1A.

Japanese Fish Kites by 1A.
Brazilian Inspired Display by 1S.

Carnival Masks and Instruments by 1S.
France by 2G.

French Gargoyles by 2G.
A Totem Pole by 2W.

Native American Artwork by 2W.
Dreamcatchers by 2W.

Norval Morriseau Inspired X-Ray Paintings by 2W.