Event - A Visit from the Animal Lady

26 June 2013

On June 26th the 'Animal Lady' came to visit school.

She brought with her a snake, a rat and a beetle and a hedgehog. Each class had a turn to learn about and touch the animals.

"This morning a lady called Sarah came, she had some pets. First we saw a tortoise, the tortoise's legs were green. He had a hard shell. He was in camouflage. Next a rat called Badger, the rat was fluffy and white. Then we saw a snake called Fudge. He was plastic and orange. After that we saw a cockroach. I was screaming, the cockroach was black. Finally we saw a hedgehog. The hedgehog had spikes. The hedgehog was brown." by Kyree (Kyree received a Celebration certificate for his fantastic writing.)